Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fair Change on PaDuka

Fair Change

PaDuka PR-32777

38125 - Evil World (This Is Hell)
38126 - Ebb Tide

Produced by Joe Diamond, Blue Diamond Studios, Canonsburg. Psych-funk tune with apocalyptic lyrics and plenty of percussion written by Duke Lamanna. Flip is a ballad.

Robert Duke Lamanna (1943-) is now a member of Total Recall, a Pittsburgh-based group.

"Old Mon Music", a regional music blog dedicated to the Pittsburgh sounds, is refering to a band named Fairchange in one of his post. It is likely the same band :

After tinkering some with the band personnel, the John Papi Organ Trio morphed into Fairchange, featuring soul frontman Chuck Corby and saxman Johnnie Vann, and took off.

Fairchange played across the states on the Holiday Inn circuit.
Evil World (This Is Hell) (sample)

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