Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"the detached retina of the eye"

"Strauss Symphonia Domestica"

CP 7079
CP 7080

Raebet’s Production

As always, That's All Rite Mama is ready to risk all kinds of experiences because we want to give the best information about these obscure custom pressings.

A Google search returned only one link (in japanese, we presumed). Courageously, we decided to go there and what we've seen, you can see it also here (screenshot above). We decided to pursue further and try the Google translator :

R · Strauss: Symphonia Domestica

Gregory Miller led New York po
Carnegie Hall, New York
LP (panel self-produced)

12 No. 3 weeks, 15 to 18 day subscription concert last week following the Karl Böhm (age 66) was scheduled. All songs by Strauss, "Don Juan" and "Capriccio" end-view (de la Kaza solo) and the Symphony family.
But the detached retina of the eye to notice the three practice Boehm last week's total, returned to Austria to cancel a hurry, had to undergo surgery in Vienna. Gregory Miller was chosen to understudy Russell Stanger and Assistant Conductor of the orchestra, led the division (Shapira Eriakumu appeared only 17 days). He said on October 1 and 2 have been conducted on behalf of Bernstein from overwork at his home, which appeared two replacement for the second season.
This self-produced panel was made in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Miller is from 61 years to 68 years the conductor of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra (music director in the middle) have a.
The LP is in 17 days, at a concert in Brooklyn, this day has not played this song. Relay will last 18 days.

So what we've got here it's the english translation of the japanese translation of the english text found at the back cover on a classical music album recorded by the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra.

There is an old Italian proverb which says traduttore tradittore, i.e., the translator is a traitor. How true it is.

Train and airplane wrecks, all kind of accidents and disasters happened, caused by bad translations. Erroneous translations have triggered wars in the past.

How safe are we in the small world of bloggering?


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