Monday, February 1, 2010

Johnny Jones (Peachtree 102)

Johnny Jones & the King Casuals

Peachtree 102

20433 - Soul Poppin
20434 - Blues for the Brothers

Johnny Jones was born in 1936, and by the early 1950’s was living in the hotbed of urban blues, Chicago. Over the years he would play with both Junior Wells and Freddy King. Jones would move to Nashville, Tennessee in the early 60’s. There he worked as a studio guitarist and formed the band the Imperial Seven.
The King Casuals (some references list ‘Kasuals’) were formed in Nashville in the early 60’s. Early members included Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Billy Cox on bass. It’s not clear when Johnny Jones joined the group on guitar and vocals, but there are references to Jones and Hendrix having played together (possibly as the house band on a Nashville TV show).
Sometime after 1965 Hendrix and Cox both left the King Casuals. Cox would reunite with Hendrix a few years later in the Band of Gypsies. Read more HERE

Johnny Jones died in 2009. His obituary - with numerous comments - can be found HERE.


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