Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Arkay IV with Bill Adleff

17811 ~ Surprise Love
17812 ~ Another Way

18805 ~ Down From #9
18806 ~ When I Was Younger

21667 ~ Demotion
21668 ~ I’ll Keep On Trying (solo by Dave Massella)

LP For Internal Use Only

Side 1 - [22595]
Seems To Be The Thing
Surprise Love
Hear Me My Friend
You Are The One
When I Was Younger
Another Way
Side 2 - [22596]
no details

The group was started in 1963 by Bill Arnold, Skip Niebauer & John Nicotra. After his high graduation Bill left for military service and was replaced by Bob Sustak who was soon drafted into the army and was replaced by Dave Massello and Tom Brocki. This formed the core of the group from 1964 to 1969. The group went through several personal changes due primarily to the military draft for the Vietnam War. Besides those mentioned above the principal players include: Bill Adleff, Mark Fainstein, Vil Stomers, Bill Kirby, Jon Ims, Mike Redicliff and Doug Phillips.


That Thing You Do! 1996 film written and directed by Tom Hanks is loosely based on the Arkay IV story. Set in the summer of 1964, the movie tells the story of a one-hit wonder rock band, called The Oneders (later The Wonders), following their whirlwind rise to the top of the pop charts, and just as quickly, their bitter dissolution. The film also resulted in a real life musical hit with the song "That Thing You Do".


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