Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fay Simmons on Ruthie

Fay Simmons with Michell on organ
CP-6779 – Entranced
Vir-Cel BMI
Ruthie 1038-A

Fay Simmons with Michell on organ
CP-6780 – Rain (in my heart)
Vel-Tone, ASCAP
Ruthie 1038-B
Billboard 3 February 1962 [Limited Sales Potential, Popular section]

Fay Simmons recorded for Grand (54), Rainbow (54), Piney (55), Port (57), Gone (58), Sharp (59), Senca (60-61), Jordan (60-61), Nu-Tone (61), Popside (62), Ruthie (62), V-Tone (62), Palm (63), LT Productions (60s) and Tuffy.

Brian (Color Radio) :
Fay Simmons - Who is she? Where is she from? Why didn't more of Fay Simmons records make the charts? I don't know too many of the answers and am unable to come up with much information anywhere. I am going to take what I do have and mold it into some probabilities and begin a page devoted to Fay Simmons. Here is what I think I know. ..
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[Label pictures and information are from Brian's Color Radio website]

Note : The only other known record on the same Ruthie label was Tony [Sharpe] & the Masquins who released 'My Angel Eyes' in 1961. Philadelphia deejay Kae Williams [also owner of the Kaiser and Junior labels] was possibly involved in the production of these Ruthie releases.


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