Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missy Connor, Child Singer from West Virginia

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41355 - Cowgirl For Jesus; Thanks My Friends For Loving Me
41356 - Lord, Remember Mama

Missy Connor
PO Box 503
Sutton, WV, 26601

Child Singer from West Virginia.

Missy has a mother. Her name is Carolyn. Like her mother, Missy began her musical career at the tender age of five. For the better or for the worse.
Carolyn traveled with her evangelistic family for many years singing country and southern gospel music. Originally from Canton, she met and married Don Connor of West Virginia. One year later Missy was born. The family booked as The Connor Family was now The Connors.
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Cowgirl For Jesus


You don't like the song? Wait, the worst has yet to come. See my next post.


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