Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mabel Eli Loughry

Mabel Eli Loughry
(Composed, played and sung by)


11591 - Stairway To Heaven
11592 - I Wanna Go Back To The Farm


The winter season is not always joyful for everyone. But the discovery of a "new" record pressed by Rite is always a reason to be cheerful. Then, here it is, one of the worst record ever, according to Mackari (e-bay seller from Corsicana, Texas who probably known what he's talking about).

Note : I believe that I've just located Mrs Loughry : Block #12 Lot #50 W1/2, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Almena, Norton County, Kansas.

Mabel, is that you?


What? Three bad records in a row? Is that too much?


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