Monday, February 1, 2010

Ivan Bloch on Bee

Ivan Bloch

Bee 1037 11/59

CP-2468 - A Sunday Kind of love
(Bell-Leonard-Rhodes-Prima; Peter Maurice Music Co.-ASCAP) 2:40

CP-2469 - Humdinger
(Fred Morgan- Norman Malkin; American Academy of Music ASCAP)

Numbers 2468/9 are in a nearby numbers series belonging to Lowery's NRC labels :
Scottie 1315 : 2452/3
JAX 1003 : 2454/5
NRC 043 : 2458/9
Bee 1037 : 2468/9
Peach 729 : 2471/2
Besides Rite account #240 found in dead wax is indeed the number allocated to National Recording Corp. (NRC).

In the September 14, 1959 issue of Billboard, Boots Woodall announced the set up of the NRC's own pressing plant equipped with ten presses imported from Italy. Apparently, two months later, the machines were not yet working. (or already out of order?).

Was Ivan Bloch related to Sonny Bloch who recorded with the Coralairs on NRC? Probably so me think.

There was a '63 Decca recording by Ivan Block. Was he the same singer?


  1. Sonny Bloch & The Corolairs also had a 45 on Bee, so they're likely related... though I don't know anything about Ivan. Sonny lived in South Florida.

  2. Ivan was from Detroit, as the record was, he was my neighbor. He was also a broadway producer and owner of Sardi's for some time.