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Larry (Dallas) Niswonger

Larry (Dallas) Niswonger

Dallas 100

9393 - The Two Step
9394 - I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Larry Dallas Niswonger obituary :
Larry Dallas "Deeds" Niswonger, 62, of Cape Girardeau died Wednesday, June 14, 2000, at Fountainbleau Lodge.
He was born August 13, 1937, in Cape Girardeau, son of Pinkston and Ella Welker Niswonger.
Niswonger had been a welder, and also an antique dealer. He was a country and western musician in the 1960's and early 1970's, and a music writer. In his early life he was in Boy Scouts and played on various sports teams. [...]
[Tuesday, June 15, 2000 edition of the Southeast Missourian, Cape Girardeau, MO.]

In 1971, his seven year old daughter, Cynthia Lynn, won the title of ‘Little Miss Firecracker’ and the Cape Girardeau Bulletin -in its issue dated July 8, 1971 - bring us on this occasion a little more information on her father :

" The daughter of Mr and Mrs. Larry Niswonger, owners of The House of Glass on Hwy. 61 N., is making plans to become a country and western star. She comes by her liking for music naturally. Her father is the emcee for the Country Boys who entertain every Saturday night at the Seven Cedars. He has recorded several pieces in Memphis which are played on radio stations. His latest record is « The Mansion You Stole », and a previous one, « I Forgot to Remember To Forget ».



  1. Came out on Van (TX) 45 - 01164
    also had Cheating Woman / Have I waited to long on Van (TX) 45 - 02365 & Majestic (TX) 45 - 1001 not sure in what order. Dean

  2. The Two Step / I Forgot To Remember To Forget also came out on VAN (45 - 01164)