Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tedd Browne : This Little Light Of Mine

Tedd Browne
Label : Cleveland Cursillo Center
Title : This Little Light Of Mine

This Little Light Of Mine
An Evening Meditation
The Devil Song
A Mother’s Prayer
Lift Up Your Voice
Hail Mary

On My Way
St. Francis’ Prayer
I Want To Be Ready
De Colores
Adios, O Virgen
This Little Light Of Mine

Accompanied by Frank Falcone, guitar,Joe Riola, bongos.

Gospel/folk album produced by The Cleveland Cursillo Center.

Tedd Browne was born in South Carolina in the 20s. He was killed in July 1968 in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He recorded six other albums on Jubilee, NRC, Capo, and Garnett.
One of the two albums on the Garnett label is titled "L.B.J. Musical portrait". The album depicts in song the life of President Johnson.

While that subject matter might seem odd by today’s standards, it is said that in the context of the ’60s, LBJ was at the very least perceived as sympathetic to the ideals of the Civil Rights era, and was embraced by many in the black community.

More about Tedd Browne's recordings here.

And, just in case you are wondering... Cursillo is a christian movement which was founded in Spain in 1949.

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