Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lester Tipton - LaBeat 6607

Lester Tipton, LaBeat 6607 Lester Tipton
LaBeat 6607, Detroit, Michigan
17867 - This Won't Change (soul)
17868 - Go On (soul)

This may be the most valuable 45 ever pressed by RITE Records in Cincinnati. Three eBay auctions in the last 4 months finished with winning bids of $5999.00, $6546.00 and $7200.00! Lou Beatty owned this label (among others) and produced 12-14 LaBeat releases before the Detroit riots of 1967 tore the studio apart and ended the business. Here's a photo of Lou in front of the Detroit studio in late 1966:

Other artists who recorded on LaBeat include Al Williams, James Shorter, Nelson Sanders and The Masqueraders. Three of the LaBeat releases were pressed by RITE including two others by the Masqueraders. Nothing on this legendary Detroit soul label goes for low prices!

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