Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Otis Johnson - New Colony

Otis Johnson
New Colony
29279 – In The Streets Of The City –4:37
29280 – Something’s Wrong! - 3:15
“Recorded in the country” at Appalachia Sound Recording Studios, Chillicothe, Ohio
Both songs written by O.Johnson, Lantern Light Music, BMI


The Appalachia Sound Recording Studio in Chillicothe Ohio was operated by Joe Waters (1947-2008).

Born September 19, 1947 in Chillicothe, Joe would always love to share a story about being a kid growing up on the neighborhood streets of his life-long home. Joe graduated from Ohio University in 1969 and was a High School English teacher in his early twenties.
Joe had a great love for music and in 1971 he opened a small recording studio in an old general store that his father owned in Massieville. This studio, Appalachia Sound, grew in reputation and Joe expanded his services to include equipment sales. Going one step further, Joe started offering recording classes for his customers too.

In 1977, these recording classes grew into The Recording Workshop, a school world-renown that still operates in the original location in Massieville.


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