Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lanrod Records (Detroit, Michigan)

Lanrod 1605 [1963]
Edward Hamilton & Arabians
11157 - Temptation Of Love
11158 - Now You Have To Cry Alone

Lanrod 1606 [1964]
Joe Kingston
12167 - It Was Only Yesterday
12168 - A Long Time Ago

The owner of Lanrod Records, the Reverend James Hendrix was brought up on Church music, and that's how he got started in the music business. He held jobs in Churches as organ and piano player, choir director and Gospel songwriter for his choirs. He started writing music in 1939 in Nashville, and commuted from Nashville to Detroit from 1940-1959. In 1959, he relocated to Detroit, and stayed there through 1967. Soon after moving there, he started into secular music through writing for Cornell Blakely and managing him, and writing for others. He then formed his Carrie label, recording mainly gospel acts. His first secular release was the first recording of Mitch Ryder (Carrie 1515, as by Billy Lee). His name is also associated with producer Lou Beatty and helped him to start the La Beat label.

Other relases on the same label (not pressed by RITE) :

Lanrod 1605- Edward Hamilton & Arabians- I Love You So/Now You Have To Cry Alone

Lanrod 5513- John Heidelberg And The New Soul Emergency : Busing/New Soul Emergency Fire Ball

Lanrod 3777 (EP) - Minnie Merritt and Peace Baptist Church Choir


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