Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cleveland Robinson Sings

Cleveland Robinson Sings
No label name
9917 - These Are The Hands
9918 - Come Change Your Name To Mine
Rite account number : 1074 [Cleveland (OH)]

This predates the second pressing on the Debra label, listed in all discographies I've seen as his first.

Born in Macon Georgia and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh Cleveland formed a Quartet and began singing in his church. Cleveland later married there and started a family. Soon after, Cleveland migrated to Cleveland Ohio and began his pursuit as a professional singer song writer of popular music.A lot of time, sweat, boxes of throat lozenges, countless cups of hot tea with lemon and honey, and it was time to "come out of the gym".

His first professional recording was done at Schneider Recording Studio in downtown Cleveland Ohio. Almost immediately his recording was taken by Redda Robins to Murray Deutch, an executive head at United Artists, who liked it well enough to award Cleveland a recording contract on the United Artists Ascot label. However due to personal problems, which he relayed to Murray, he reluctantly released him. But Cleveland continued his pursuit. He had already started another business in order to provide steady income for his family which had grown to a number of seven.

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