Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Count Baltes & The Egors on Raven B-2723

Count Baltes & The Egors
Raven B-2723
Rite Account # 5691
30989 - The Monster Walk (Novelty Rock & Roll Instrumental)
30990 - Opening The Coffin (Novelty Rock & Roll)

One of two releases that I'm aware of on this label, Count Baltes delivers a very entertaining novelty tune with "Opening The Coffin" done to the tune of Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel." The chorus is made up exclusively of mouth noises - the kind where you squeeze air out of the sides of your mouth to make a motorboat noise. Very creative!

"The Monster Walk" is a mid to up-tempo rock & roll instrumental that seems to feature a sitar (or a tortured cat). Count Baltes' brief intro announces that the record you are about to hear was recorded in the catacombs of your mind ...

Of all the Rite pressing info that has been shared with me by many collectors, this one is not on anybody's list. Anybody else got a copy?



  1. I recently procured a copy with an amazing picture sleeve!

  2. i have this. Use to work at a cincy record one stop and snagged it in the 70's.