Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jimmie James (Band Box 377)

Jimmie James
Band Box 377
Denver, CO
19601 - Too Many Mini Skirts
19602 - Is It A Crime, Is It A Sin

The label was owned by Vicky Morosan.

From a Denver Post Article written by Nick Groke :
Vicky Morosan, who immigrated to America in the '30s from Transylvania, Romania, answered a for-sale ad in the paper for a recording studio at East Sixth Avenue and Ogden Street called Columbine Records.

A dispute over the name with behemoth Columbia Records got Morosan to change the label's name to Band Box Records. She moved to 220 S. Broadway and went into business. Denver had its Sun Studio.

"She loved music, opera especially. So it was funny for her to get into rock 'n' roll." said Morosan's daughter, Frances. Morosan died [...] in 2006. She was 97.

"She would make demo records for whoever would come in the door," Frances said. "She loved the business so much. She put those records in her trunk and hauled them all over the country, the hard way. She was just a working old fool."

Band Box turned out about 350 masters, mostly rockabilly, country and Western, and R&B, from bands including Orlie & the Saints, Lee Chandler & the Blue Rhythms, and Jimmy DeKnight, co-writer of "Rock Around the Clock." The label nearly hit big with Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers' "Sinners" in 1961 — a song later covered by the Cramps — and with Sonny Russell's "50 Megatons" in 1963.

Band Box label discography


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