Friday, December 19, 2008

Bob Storm on Halmark

Bob Storm
musical director: Jerry Dee

The Halmark song-poem enterprise has been founded by Ted Rosen in 1967. The always entertaining Phil Milstein has a full page of information and a discography of the Halmark/Hallmark label in his American Song-Poem Music Archives (ASPMA)

The five 45s listed below are not listed by the ASPMA. The first has just be found on e-bay, and the four others in the on-line Library of Congress Audio Collection database.

All these records are credited to Bob Storm, with the mention of Jerry Dee, musical director.

Halmark 21887/8
Love Is An Awful Thing/
The Scent Of Roses

Halmark 23615/16
Keep That Chin Up Soldier / Wr Delbert J. Van Pattern.
I'm Glad I Fell In Love With You / Wr John Roza

Halmark 23619/20
He's Waiting / Wr Margaret Woodworth.
I Get Worked Up Over You / Wr Gerald Elias.

Halmark 23769/70
No One Could Have Been More In Love / Wr Esther D. Bremner.
If You Should Die In Your Sins / Wr Myrtle Ritchie.

Halmark 23777/78
People Can't You See / Wr Freddy Edlin.
Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow / Wr Mrs. D. Dixon.

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