Tuesday, December 30, 2008


WKYC [radio] Cleveland, OH, 1971
26785/26786; 7" 33 1/3rpm.

One young man's reaction to his own drug addiction before dying because of it. What it's like. Really. [from the cover]

"A recording made by Craig Gardner (of Salt Lake City) describing "the effects of his addiction to LSD…shortly before he committed suicide…at age 19". The record "is the entire 13 minute tape of Gardner's thoughts, spoken while he was strung out on drugs. It was originally aired on WKYC, the NBC-owned radio station in Cleveland, Ohio…The reaction was so strong that the Cleveland Variety Club decided to make it available to Tents throughout the United States for use in their youth work".

The recording was also, the same year 1971, incorporated into the sound track of a educational film.

Read the Time article here.

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