Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marisa Gatti

Marisa Gatti
Poo Pan 101
Detroit, Michigan
17949 - Love's What You Want
17950 - You're Gone Now

Rare uptempo northern 'stomper' from Detroit.
Produced & written by Mike Valvano ( "J Greer" was a songwriting alias).

Marisa Gatti, born in San Marino, a tiny country surrounded by Italy, but raised in Detroit, recorded a pair of tunes at Detroit's Sound Studio in 1966 with many of the musicians that made Motown famous.

"I started singing professionally at age 15 with various combos and orchestras, so the singing was nothing new in itself," says Gatti-Taylor. "I cut the record in 1966, at age 20. It was exciting to be part of the composing process; I even came up with a line for the fast side of the 45 rpm, 'Love's What You Want."
It was her only record. She now works as a translator and teacher of Italian. She even composed a national anthem for San Marino, with her daughter.

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