Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hank Robey on Spindletop

Hank Robey
Spindletop 45002
7671 - I Told You So
7672 - Not Just A Dream
Port Arthur, Texas, 1962

Described as a "honky tonk shuffle hillbilly" country record. It was reviewed in the C&W section of Billboard magazine the week of August 18, 1962.

Other releases on the label include:

Jack Angel
Spindletop 45003 [BB Oct. 1962]
Everything Allright
When I Start Drinking

Jim Miller
Spindletop 45005 +PS
Four Reasons
Go Ask the Stars

Joey Choate (9 years-old blind piano player)
Spindletop 45009 +PS
With Vigah !
Teen Dream

Curt Block and the Dreamlites
Spindletop 45010
11219 - It's Raining Again
11220 - Hang Out (Instrumental - Dreamlites only)

Jim Miller
Spindletop 45011
11221 - Gonna Find Me An Angel
11222 - Carol (Chuck Berry tune)

Kenny Pickard
Spindletop 45012 (RITE pressing, unk. numbers)
(no info available)

Talmadge Armstrong and the Escotts
Spindletop 45015

Gordon Baxter
Spindletop 45016
We just called him Sam /?

Freddie Immel
Spindetop SR-0017
Where Will I Go From Here / Half the Man

Al Trahan
Spindletop SR-0018
Funky Lu /(I Know) We Need Each Other

David McIntyre
Spindletop S-0019
The Richest Man/Nobody But You

Frank Graffagnino
Spindletop SR-0022 (not RITE)
Cheatin’ Mama
I Made Up My Mind Last Night

Songsmith with the Daystrippers
Spindletop SR-0023
Wind / Columbia

Paul Hardy
Spindletop 45027
Many tears ago /?

Dwight James and The Rockin' Knights
Spindletop 111 (not a RITE pressing)
Just For You
Walkin Out
BB Pop review - July 3, 1961

Danny Brown
Spindletop SR-751

Al Trahan
Spindletop SR-761, 1976
Can I Feel It/?

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