Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keith Whitley And Ricky Skaggs

Tribute To The Stanley Brothers
By Keith Whitley And Ricky Skaggs
Jalyn 129 LP

Side A -- 27673

1. We'll Be Sweethearts in Heaven
2. Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home
3. White Dove
4. Our Last Goodby
5. Lonesome River
6. I Love No One But You

Side B -- 27674
1. Angels Are Singing in Heaven Tonight
2. It's Never Too Late
3. Loving You Too Well
4. Too Late To Cry
5. Little Glass of Wine
6. I Long to See the Old Folks

Recorded January, 9th, 1971
Recording engineer : Howard Davis
A&R : Jack Lynch and Ralph Stanley

From the back cover :
In May, of 1970, I met and heard for the first time Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs, in Louisa, Kentucky. They were singing some of the Stanley Brothers songs and I liked their way of singing them very much. I began naming some more of our old songs and I couldn’t mention one they couldn’t sing. They said the Stanley Brothers had always been their favorites and you could tell by hearing them that we had. They said they would like to record an album of our songs, as a tribute to the Stanley Brothers. The next time I was in Dayton, Ohio, I told Jack Lynch, of Jalyn Records, about these boys and that I wanted him to record an album by them. This he did as soon as arrangements could be made. On this album you’ll hear Keith Whitley playing guitar and singing lead. Ricky Skaggs playded fiddle and mandolin. The selections he used the mandolin on, the fiddling was done by Curly Ray Cline. Rickey also did the tenor singing. Jack Cook played bass and Roy Lee Centers played the banjo. I think the boys did a wonderful job and if you like oldtime bluegrass music, I highly recommend this album. Since I met Rick and Keith, they have traveled with me a lot on personal appearances, and are wonderful fellows. Keith Whitley at this time is sixteen years old and lives in Sandy Hook, Kentucky. He is a senior at Sandy Hook High School. Rick Skaggs is sixteen years old and lives near Blaine, Kentucky, and is a senior at Louisa, Kentucky, High School. The mandolin was played by Ron Thomason on the selections that Rick played the fiddle.

Ralph Stanley

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