Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cephas with Jeff Cogswell

Teen Challenge presents
Cephas with Jeff Cogswell

Side 1 -- 32217
1 - Jesus Has Changed My World
2 - Till Another Soul Goes Free
3 - Show Me The Way
4 - Jesus Is Just Alright
Side 2 -- 32218
1 – Meander
2 - Jesus Is The Answer
3 - Save The People
4 – Maranatha

Jeff Cogswell lead vocal, guitar
Andrew LeWay : bass guitar, acoustic, vocals
David Dexter : organ, piano
Gary Simpson : guitar, vocals
Mike Ferguson : lead guitar
Rene Tremblay : guitar

All musical arrangements by A. LeWay and J. Cogswell

Vocal ensemble :
Roberta Smith
Renée Sofaly
Cathy Mercer
Kathy Ford
Deborah LeWay
Alice Urice
Recording engineer : Phil Burkhardt

Christian garage folk sponsored by the christian youth group "Teen Challenge".
Low-budget Pennsylvania basement folk/folkrock troupe led by Jeff Cogswell. The Rite label usually signifies a totally homemade affair and that's pretty much what Cephas is. The background vocals behind Jeff are fairly amateur, but the music itself ain't that bad. Some cuts like 'Jesus Is Just Alright' and 'Meander’ benefit from a faint garage/psych angle ala Guitar Ensemble, thanks to the guitar solos and moody organ. Other cover songs include 'Jesus Is The Answer’, 'Save The People' and 'Maranatha'.
(Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition)

Jesus Is The Answer


  1. I didnt hear any sound. THis was quite a find for me. I was with Jeff, Teen Challenge and Cephas in 75.

  2. Treasure seeing this. Played these songs many times with Jeff when with Teen Challenge. Took to have these recordings made. Just a blast to see. Are there recordings available for purchase maybe??