Monday, April 27, 2009

DeWight (Spider) Turner

DeWight (Spider) Turner
and the Sterophonics
The Bell Hops Band

Cha-Tok 1001
11767 – You’re Alone
11768 – Happy Story
Produced by Charles Stokes

This is Spyder Turner. The producer, Charles Stokes, was his manager.

According to Soulful Kinda Music, The Stereophonics were Charlette (lead vocals), Marlene, Connie Stokes, Jobe Stokes (not sure of the spelling), Michael Stokes (vocals and keyboards) and The Bell Hops Band: Charles "Chicken Charlie" Herndon (lead guitar), Howard Thompson (rhythm guitar), Rudy Thomas (saxophone), Fred Shockley (trumpet), Zachery Slater (bongos), Albert "Doc" Holiday (congas) and Curtis Sharp (drums).


You’re Alone

Note : For Cha-Tok 1002 and related labels see my previous post.

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