Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don Cavalli and His Rock-A-Faris

Hog Maw 102A
Plastic Rockers

Hog Maw 102B
Mary Jane


  1. This isn't a Rite pressing - just a made up label with false Rite numbers on the label. Don hails from France and is a singer who's gotta be now in his early 30's. He's more famous for being a rather good Charlie Feathers imitator and for the fantastic double 10" LP on Tail Records from Sweden entitled "The Pharoah".

  2. Hello Malcom
    say that is famous for being a Feather imitator and for 1 record is a bit short..
    What about the fact that is a song writter and probably the only one to create a new way of playing Rockabilly without being into the neo stuff?

  3. True. I could have said that Don Cavalli is easily one of the best singer/songwriters I can think of (alongside Big Sandy and Joey Simeone of the Bellfuries). I could have said that of all the "authentic" bands that came out in the mid 90's, he was virtually the only one who's unique style COULD have actually been a 50's artist and not another band copying records note for note. I should have mentioned that on the "Pharoah" LP and his previous 10" release on Lenox Records, he also managed to pick two great guitar players who complimented his singing and his songs to perfection, or mentioned that Cavalli was also an accomplished guitarist himself. But the point I was trying to make was that the record listed here is not an authentic RITE pressing. Had the site been about bands or authentic groups etc, I probably would have mentioned all of the above. Don Cavalli is so far ahead artistically of most of the bands covering or being influenced by 50's music and he happens to sound quite a bit like Charlie Feathers, albeit with his own unique style and ability. But it's still not A Rite pressing, which is what this site is about. Apologies for the brief description. It didn't do him justice.

  4. Thanks Malcom four your comments.

    As you can see, the post is dated First of April. It was just one of my usual little jokes...