Monday, April 20, 2009

Eddy Bailes - Parkersburg, West Virginia

Eddy Bailes and The Cadillac's with The Accents
(No Label Name)
11233 ~ Dark Side Of The Moon (Teen)
11234 ~ If This Is Sin (Vocal Harmony)
Rite Acct. #1209
Parkersburg, West Virginia - 1963

Eddy Bailes (with vocal background)
BJ Records 1779
18463 ~ Tarzan (Rock & Roll)
18464 ~ She'll Take You Back (Teen)
Rite Acct. #1864
Parkersburg, West Virginia - 1967

Eddy Bailes, a recording artist of the 1960's & 1970s, wrote and recorded the hit song The West Virginian in 1975. It became a gold record. A bill in the state legislature would have made it the state song. After recording other songs, Bailes appeared in several movies and TV shows, and was the opening act for such stars as Rick Nelson, Marty Robbins, George Jones, and Mickey Gilly. He wrote Faron Young's last single, Just An Old Heartache. Bailes was was born in Parkersburg. He had been living in Hendersonville, Tennessee, until he died on June 17, 2002.

The two releases above are rare as hen's teeth. The BJ is previously undocumented on Rite lists. Bailes also recorded two releases on the Cozy label from Davis, West Virginia.

Photo credits to Ralph Tewksbury.


  1. Old Eddy taught me a few things about playing country music. They are not making any more like him.

    Chris Heers

  2. I was engaged (about 1963-65) to Eddy's drummer, Frank Rankin who was born in Scotland. Have been trying to locate Frank. If you know him or where he is, email Dolores at or have Frank email me. Thanks.

  3. I'm 82 now, but spent the first 19 years of my life in West Virginia. For a few of those I lived about 35 years miles south of Eddie, in the Ripley area of WV. Coming up to Cleveland, Ohio in 1952 to find employment, I never moved back to WV even though the urge to do so has always been strong. Eddie's song with its haunting refrain and picture collage bring back memories of my youth in those hills. Thanks Eddie! No one will ever express it better.