Sunday, April 12, 2009

Al Hogan on ASG

Al Hogan
ASG 1005
(Artists & Sound Group of Recording Companies)
3744 Applegate Ave., Cincinnati Ohio 45211
36419 - Baby I'm Coming Home
36420 - Loneliness Is A Killer
Rite account number : 6174

Northern Soul produced by Beau Dollar, as were the two other releases on the same label listed in the Ohio Soul discography (ASG 1006 : The Cause and ASG 1007 : Brenda Mathis).

William "Beau Dollar" Bowman, a blue-eyed soul vocalist and drummer, formed The Dapps in Cincinnati in 1965 where they often played the famous Living Room nightclub. Beau Dollar performed on many studio albums for various artists under contract with King Records, including James Brown. In 1966, with the Coins, he recorded "Soul Serenade" for Fraternity Records, a single produced by Lonnie Mack.

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