Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gary Williams on Connie Sue

Gary Williams
Label : Connie Sue 192
23885 - Wandering Star
23886 - Twenty Years Ago
K-K Dist. Co, Kennewick, Washington

Born in 1938 in Spokane, Washington, Gary Williams had his own sponsored radio show out of Spokane, Washington in 1953-1954. In May 1954 he achieved a bit of name for himself by hitch-hiking to the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Day in Meredian, Mississippi. He was one of the featured acts on the show then and had been going back to the show each year since.
Williams was heavily influenced by Jimmie Rodgers, the country music pioneer of the 1930's, and the Jimmie Rodgers fan-club christened him 'The Travellin' Blues Boy'. This became the title of his first record for Verve, the West Coast label.

Gary Williams


  1. Loved and love his music. Gary was a very dear friend of ours for years. Have lost the constant contact, but would love to see him again.

  2. I would like to maybe write a mini biography of him. He wrote a pure form of gospel music.