Sunday, January 31, 2010

Patric Calfee

Patric Calfee
Morningstar MS-00001



Gospel Ship
Sad Times
Joy Comes In The Morning
I'm Happy

I Was In The Spirit
Rock Of Ages
Eyes Of The Lord
Down By The Riverside
Pat Calfee :
As it turns out, that was a stock cover from Rite Records. I chose it because it seemed like a Yes or Led Zeppelin kind of look. [...] The Dayspring record was a home-grown affair - the entire recording budget was $315. The typesetting on the back was donated, the record label was hand drawn. I was 18 yrs old, with no money and no job - but a big desire to praise the Lord. I still think we made a good choice - the cover still looks cool - at least we don't have any printing on the front! :-)
Ken Scott :
It should be obvious from listening to loud psychy rockin’ cuts like ‘Joy Comes In The Morning’ and ‘Eyes Of The Lord’ that this Ohioan had access to a Glass Harp album or two. Good job in the production yet holds to a totally homemade and primitive sound with jammin’ acoustic bluesy folkrocking maneuvers in the league of Randy Matthews, Ron Moore, and Mike Johnson, sometimes choosing to handle all instruments (guitar, bass, piano, percussion) himself like on the magical ‘I Was In The Spirit’. ‘Rock Of Ages’ boasts a crude electric blues riff with raw basement vibe and lengthy leads. Closes with a raucous, hand-clappin’, buncha-folks-havin’-a-party version of ‘Down By The Riverside’. Unreal cover art depicting mountainous landscape with orange sky and giant green sun. 1000 made. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)
From The Ancient Star-Song blog –Music of The Jesus Music Era

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