Sunday, January 17, 2010

Albert Washington on VLM

Albert Washington and His Kings

Label : VLM

10989 – Ramble
10990 – You Gonna Miss Me


VLM stands for Vince L. Morton, the owner of the label, who got into the business after he met John Finch, a co-worker at General Elecrical from 1955 on. Morton met Albert in 1963 at Mom’s Tavern on McMillan and followed him to the Vet’s Inn to hear Albert’s music. Albert’s manager at that time, Wade Hill, next moved Albert over to the VLM label for his next record release. (I Haven't Got a Friend / So Tired).

VLM is a second label for “You Gonna Miss Me” / “Ramble” previously recorded for John Finch with Sonny Watt on bass, Tim Pleasant on drums, Big Ed Thompson on guitar and Albert Washington, vocals & guitar.and issued on the Finch label (same Rite pressing numbers, but side one & two are inversed).

A VLM label discography can be found HERE.

A third label was Skippy White's Bluestown label out of Boston.

Albert Washington
(1935 - 1998)

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