Saturday, January 23, 2010

JerJimHan label

Willie McClain and the Living Dolls

JerJimHan 102

17945 - Wide Track Tiger
17946 - Wide Track Drive

Jimmy Rollins

JerJimHan 101

17943 - Yippy-Ki-Yo-Christmas
17944 - Dad


JerJimHan stands for Jerry Yates, Jim for Jimmy Rollins and Han for Hanley Johnson, owners of the label.

Jerry Yates, guitarist, teacher, author and studio operator, headed Jerry Yates Publications (located in Saginaw Street, Pontiac Michigan) known as "The Home of Space Age Methods for Piano, Guitar, Accordion, Organ and Banjo" and was widely known for its guitar literature.

Hanley Johnson
was born in Arkansas. He moved to Pontiac, Mi. in 1950. He worked more than 30 years at General Motors Fisher Body Division. As Tye-Tongue Hanley, he released two sides on the small Detroit R&B indie J-V-B label (started by record store owner Joe Von Battle) with “I’ll Try To Understand” and “You Got My Nose Wide Open” in 1955.

In the sixties, on the weekends he would go to Detroit with his blind friend Jimmy Rollins and jam at the studio. They eventually moved the studio to Pontiac and named it JerJimHan. Hanley and Jimmy wrote most of the music recorded for the label.
Hanley Johnson
died of prostate cancer in 1996.

An album called Merry-Go-Round-Of-Life (JerJimHan 102) has been popularized digitally since free tracks appeared on WFMU’s website in 2007.

Three other singles on the label were released :
103 Glenn Steffins : Half a Heart / It's Your World
104 Hymes Sisters with Cathy & the Goldtones
105 Chris Bradley : If I Get Over This / One Heartache


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