Tuesday, January 26, 2010



30299 - Trying To Be Free
30300 - The Music Ship clip


From New Bedford, Massachusetts, according to Max Waller

Update : see http://ripitupri.blogspot.fr/2012/04/malibus-and-bastille.html



  1. Bastille was from Rhode Island. The Malibus was the original group of four guys from Cranston, RI - Joe Brocolli, Jack Henehan, Peter Bulger, and Peter Place. After playing as the house band at a club called The Bastille in Newport, RI they changed their name to Bastille. The stayed together from 7th grade through graduation from college. When Joe left for graduate school, Rick Nielsen, Sam Gingerella and Ray Renzi joined the group and played together for a few years, mostly at the clubs at Scarborough Beach. When our drummer Peter Bulger graduated and went to work as a pharmacist we replaced him with the drummer from The Mirage, which was my previous band. Shortly after that we recorded the 45 at Ace Studio in Boston. When Peter Place, our keyboard player left for active duty in the Navy, we brought in Lou "Bunky" Renzi to play bass and Jack gave up those duties to front the band as our lead singer. Ace Studio was owned by Herb and Milton Yakus and Herb did our recording. Milton's son was Shelly Yakus who became a chief engineer and vice president of A&M Records. Rick and Ray produced two CD's since then under the name Oldzkool and The Oldzkool Band. The first CD was entitled "The Ray Renzi Project" and the latest one is called "Afterzkool" The CD's both contain all original songs performed by 18 musicians all with Rhode Island roots. In 2008 the above 45 showed up on a British compilation CD Le Beat Bespoke Vol 3

  2. Ahh...I remember Bastille well. I grew up with the Renzi family. I remember using their equipment on one of our first gigs with our band called Memphis Train (early 70's), which included younger brother, Lenny Renzi. Those were the days and I still cherish them. Thanks for the memories Ray.