Friday, January 22, 2010

The Haymarket Riot on CLB

The Haymarket Riot

CLB 691

24507 - Leaving
24508 - Sunny Day Song

Ron Shankleton,, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jim Doe, Lead Vocals, Guitar
Orlando (Dennis) Morales, Lead Vocals, Drums, Guitar
Phil Rish, Bass, Backing Vocals
Ken Lush, Keyboards, Flute

Two songs previously released on an album produced by Tom Conner in 1968 featuring
« Leaving » and the good-timey acoustic « Sunny Day Song ».

A favorite act in their hometown of Monroe, Haymarket Riot’s career spanned a large chunk of the decade playing the roller rinks, school hops and venues that sprang up along the Michigan/Ohio border, including a pretty regular stint at The Club. Starting out as The Avengers.

The band splintered in 1969.

More on The Haymarket Riot here.

This is not the CLB label out of Indiana. Many other Haymarket Riots are known to have existed :
  • Chicago band, backing Calvin James on Stature, 1967
  • One from Enid, Oklahoma, on Riot, 1968
  • The one on Coconut Groove, 1968, also from Michigan
  • And a Cincinnati band on London



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