Sunday, January 31, 2010

Houston and Dorsey : Out of This World

Houston and Dorsey

Out of This World

Comedy in Stereo

Carellen 145


Side 1 - [26313]
Winchester Cathedral
(Toot-Ta-Root Game)
Memory Lane No. 2
Tennessee Waltz
(Boot Camp)

Side 2 - [26314]
More Funnybones
Row Row Row Your Boat
"Makin' Whoopee" on a Honeymoon
Golf Game

From an article by Martha Dresser published by the Daytona Beach Morning Journal, May 7, 1977 [excerpt]:
Sonny Houston and Barney Dorsey met in 1948 at a Gardner, Mass. Radio station where they had separate shows. Deciding to join forces, they toured the country, sometimes with sidemen, for sponsors such as General Mills and International Harvester. They worked at many radio stations.

« We had to keep thje jokes cleaner then, » reminisces Houston.
« Nicey nice, » Dorsey mocks.
« They liked corney jokes like « How did your potatoes turn out ? ». Houston does a split second vaudeville pause. « They didn’t turn out. I had to dig them out ! ».

The two comedians had bad breaks and good ones. They say they did the song « Sloop John B » in a beach party movie. « Daytona Beach Weekend, » only to see the Beach Boys version of the song become a hit. On the other hand, their « Malaguena » and « Green Door » were playded on Dick Clark’s « American Bandstand. » Other movies included a racing picture, « Hell’s 400 » and a stint with Cesar Romero in « We Shall Return. » They’ve appeared with many big names, from Tex Ritter to Eddie Gorme.

Recordings of their act range from 78s on the Continental label to the Capitol label albums and tapes they sell now. They also have done television, doing a remote from Nashville for « The Tonight Show » when Steve Allen was host.

The comedians decided to settle in Daytona Beach in 1962, working at the Castawy Beach Motel and Kings Cellar before starting at Aku Tiki Inn.



  1. Howday! I'm not sure if you have this Rite pressing blogged. I've moved most of my Rite LPs into my Gospel Blog. This post (link) is also in a new blog featuring lounge acts. Enjoy the killer cover of Ebb Tide!

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