Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clover on M.O.D.


21485 ~ Remember
21486 ~ Way She Smiles

M.O.D. RSSWO 1055

Richmond ,Virginia

Recorded at R.S.S. Inc. [Richmond Sound Stages]
Produced by C. & B.


"Recorded early in 1968 at Richmond Sound Stages. The songs are on two different volumes of Aliens Psychos & Wild Things. Remember really is a bleak retrospect look at lost love; about as dark as it gets. Way She Smiles starts off like a teen ballad and then jettisons into a Velvet Underground feedback landscape. Sixties teen/punk disorientation of the highest order."


  1. What a surprise to see this!"Clover" was a cover name used by the Spyders (a Richmond, VA based 4-piece R&B band form '64-'68)for these two recordings. The name change reflected a change in the band's line-up. Three original members, Lance James (bass), Ken Willis (me; drums),and Tommy Brand (rhythm guitar), were joined by Joe Sheets on lead guitar for these sessions. Afterward, Joe went on to play with other groups and was eventually involved in founding the Alpha Audio Recording Studio in Richmond. Sadly, Tommy died several years ago; Joe more recently. I still see Lance form time to time and the possibility of forming a new band has been discussed. Ken Willis - 3/8/12

  2. That's my Dad! Singing and playing drums.