Friday, January 29, 2010

Curtis Davis and the Arketts

Curtis Davis and the Arketts
Crossfires Band

Ronnie RJ-101

20217 - Tell Me
(Chuck McClendon) Ron-Jon Music BMI

20218 - Don't Count Me Out

Soul produced and arranged by Chuck McClendon. Double address on the label : Washington DC and Phila. PA.
But another release on Ronnie (Argie & The Arketts – You’re The Guy (That Put Tears In My Eyes) / Hey Baby) has just Washington DC as the address.

Curtis Davis had another release on the Pittsburgh Bev-Mar label.

Charles Ruben McClendon (Chuck) McClendon is the arranger and producer of the Contrails on Reuben (Someone / Mummy Walk).

This Ronnie label is not related to the song-poem label of the same name located in Broadway.


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