Friday, May 22, 2009

Donnie Quinn on Big K

Donnie Quinn
'Reno Junction'
Big K

Side one [39863]
1. Reno Junction (Terry Swope)
2. 2. Rockin’ Fever (D.R.Quinn)
3. If You Want (Walt Hummel)
4. Yellow Pages (Russ Pyburn)
5. Your Love (Donald J. Brundridge)
6. Six String Guitar Pickin’ Man (Michael Angelo-Sonna Legrand)
Side two [39864]
1. King Ot The Highway (Terry Swope)
2. Legend Of The Hillbilly Cat (Charle Kellogg-Michael Angelo-Sonna Legrand)
3. Your Special Way (Neva Cessnum)
4. Form Follows Function (Jeff Littrell)
5. You’re Living In My World (Ron Hake)
6. Your Living With The One You Love (D.R. Quinn)
All Selections BMI Momu Publishing Co.

Musicians :
Jeff Littrell : Drums & Piano
Terry Swope : Bass, Lead Guitar & Sax
Doug Mcbain : Sax
Jack Hensley : Steel Guitar
Beki Nixon & Terry Swope : Backup Vocals
Produced & engineered by Charlie Kellogg & D.J. Brundridge
Arranged By Terry Swope & Jeff Littrell

Recorded & Mastered at Big K Studio K. C. M.O.

The Big K label was owned by Charlie Kellogg. He (and the Ozark Drifters) recorded hillbilly in late fifties and in the sixties on :
Manning –59-61
Central – 61
Laredo (Chicago) - sixties
CARS -67
Peach (Nashville) -68
Acknowledgments : Meikel Jungner


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