Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rick Dudley on Do-Right

Rick Dudley
Label : Do-Right

35889 - Natural Man
35890 - I Don't Want To Cry

Date in dead-wax : 10.27.75

Arrangements by Mike Patterson
Engineer : Phil Burkhardt

Rick Dudley was born on 31 January, 1949 in Toronto, Ontario. He played professional ice hockey in the World Hockey Association and in the National Hockey League. He also has served as a head coach in the National Hockey League. He is currently assistant general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks. He grew up playing hockey in his hometown of Port Hope, Ontario.

Dudley said that all started when he was discussing music in Cincinnati Stingers' dressing room. A few of the Stingers had indicated that they would hang out and play music to pass the time on the road, and they invited Dudley to come out and hang out with them. One thing led to another, and Dudley began singing at these get-togethers. This led to Dudley writing music...

Proceeds of this record were donated to the Burns Institute.

Further reading : "Cincinnati crooning"

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