Monday, June 1, 2009

Jesse Evatt on Spin-Co

Jesse Evatt
Spin-Co 113
16535 - Try To Figure Why
16536 - Got To Go On

Testimony :
As a teenager, Jesse formed his first country group and performed to capacity crowds with some of America's most popular artists. [...] His burning desire to sing lured him to Nashville, where he pursued his career as an entertainer.

Although achieving many of his goals while climbing the ladder of success, his personal life was being torn apart. In his futile search for happiness, he faced his ultimate crisis with the destruction of his marriage and the loss of his family. He was left literally without a reason to live. At this darkest moment of his life, Jesse accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. His new-found faith brought about a chain reaction of miracles into his life, beginning with the restoration of his marriage and family. His born-again experience also brought a new direction to his music.

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