Saturday, June 13, 2009

Calvary Tones : Time Has Made A Change (LP)

Calvary Tones
Rose LP 610
Time Has Made A Change

Side One

Time Has Made A Change
City Of Gold
Mansions Over In Glory
It’s All Right
It Won’t Be Long
There’s Been A Lot Of Changes

Side Two

When I Saw The Faces Of Jesus
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Oh What A Happy Day
Woman At The Well
How About You

Recorded at Rose Recording Studio
Attica Street
Vandalia, Ohio

Recording engineer : Rev. Paul Mullins

The Calvary Tones was organized in 1967.

Arthur Hobbs, born in Beauty, Kentucky, came to Ohio seeking employment. He didn’t only find a job he also found a church and one night in a glorious service he gave his heart to Christ. And since that time he was worked hard for the Lord. He sings lead and plays the guitar for the quartet.

Janet Hobbs, born in Inez, Kentucky, sings tenor.

Barbara Farmer, born in Beauty, Kentucky is a sister to Arthur Hobbs. Barbara came to Ohio, and later met Cecil Farmer in church, and they soon became husband and wife. Barbara sings alto.

Gerald Kelley, born in Quinwood, West Virginia, came to Ohio in 1955. He has pastored the Liberty Baptist Church in Barberton, Ohio for the past 6 years, where the quartet are all members. Gerald sings bass.

Kevin Hobbs, the son of Arthur and Janet Hobbs, is nine years old and is playing the bass guitar.

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