Saturday, June 20, 2009

Michael Angelo (Guinn LP)

Michael Angelo
LP Guinn 1050
11517 N. Oak K.C. Mo. 64155

Side one -- 38413
Flight Of Pegasus
Oceans Of Fantasy
The World To Be
Lost In The Pain
Side Two – 38414
Bon Jour Mr. VIP
Inner Reflections
Field Of Lonely Eyes
Rite account number 5767

Michael Angelo :
I was born in 1954 in Topeka, KS, but raised in Kansas City, MO. My full name is Michael Angelo Nigro. I began my recording career in 1975 by becoming a studio musician at Liberty Recording in Kansas City. Between recording commercials and backing other artists I started doing my own recordings. This was the birthplace of the original Michaelangelo album. After about a year I left Liberty Recording to become a studio musician at Big-K records, also in Kansas City. By coincidence Big-K used the same type of recording equipment as Liberty Recording, so I finished mixing the first album there. It was released under the Guinn label in 1977 and was a limited release with only 500 of them pressed.
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Bon Jour Mr. VIP

Children stare into space,
And contemplate a mongrel race,
Of those who eat our bones with grace,
With sin dehind their faces.
Thirsty men will dig their wells,
And drink the words that they will sell,
And hear the lies that they will tell,
Or change the words in places.
Bon Jour Mr. VIP, you’ve fooled us well,
You’ve mastered your deception so well, so well,
Greedy fools will sell their soul,
And masquerade from hot to cold,
And then deny their being told,
With grins upon their faces.
Corporations smear the count,
And terminate the ones who dought,
The righteous wrong of their amount,
And leave to them no traces.
Respective hippocritic thieves,
Who swear to God and make believe,
The truth is all that they perceive,
While dollar bills he chases.
They’re the cancer of our times,
Suppressing us into the binds,
Of this is yours and that is mine,
Your names he then erases.
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  1. Hello! Ahhh, Michael Angelo,i977. I acquired this album in 1998 from record dealer Stan Denski(OR Music).My copy is #433 out of 450.I love this record. The song writing and the performaces are impeccable.Michael plays all instruments except the drums and Frank Gautieri's drumming is awesome through-out the record(I too am a drummer).The album is now out on CD.People,download or buy the CD. Don't pass this gem of an LP up..would definately be a Faux-pas on your part,regards,John.