Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Toads

The Toads
LP 64-021
Track listing :
Stranger on the Shore
Will You Still Love Me?
You Can't Sit Down
A Love Affair
New Wrinkle
Ebb Tide
Medley : Money, Wipe Out,What'd I Say')
* Guitar : Rog Hegeman
* Basse : Pat Lynch
* Drums : Dusty Stretch
* Lead singer : Ben Kitchen
From 1964, out of Lawrenceville,New Jersey, comes The Toads with their self-titled LP on no name label. It was produced by Kenneth Raymond Wight Associates,Princeton New Jersey. Garage frat record instrumental. They sound a bit like The Ventures. Mostly covers.

The group was the pride of the Lawrenceville Prep School in Lawrenceville,New Jersey! The group was anchored by Dusty Stretch on drums. Dusty Stretch and another group member had been, several years earlier, in the Lawrenceville Prep School Band, Davy And The Badmen. The other two members had been in the Chessmen, another Lawrenceville band!



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