Monday, June 1, 2009

Three Prophets Live

Three Prophets Live
Label : 3P
P.O.Box 272 - Augusta, GA - 30903

Side One : [35029]
1. Intro – Soul Train –Love Train
2. I Got The Fever
3. If I Were Your Woman
4. Our Day Will Come
5. Sing A Simple Song
6. Rock The Boat
7. Wild Flower

Side Two : [35030]
2. Chameleon
3. California
4. Leroy Brown
5. Little Green Apples
6. Thanks For Saving My Life
7. Got To Use My Imagination
8. Let’s Stay Together
9. Dance To The Music
Billy Scott, his wife Barbara and Janet Helm were members of the Georgia Prophets. When the group broke up in 1971, they had to come up with another name for the three of them. They decided to call themselves the “THREE PROPHETS.” In 1974, Billy produced the only album for the “THREE PROPHETS.” It was a live album, recorded in many of the popular nightclubs in which the group performed.

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