Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wenlark Records

The Starliners
CP-5229 ~ Mule Train
CP-5230 ~ Old MacDonald Rolls Along
Wenlark 301

Francis X. and the Bushmen
CP-5831 – St. Louis Blues
CP-5832 – Blastin’ Off
Wenlark 302
[rev. Billboard June, 26 1961, pop]

The two records above are likely the total output of this obscure label. I have no idea of where was located the label. Rite account number is 494.

The first record has the written inscription : "To good Buddy Red. Neil (Nutty) Clark". Was Neil Clark a member of the Starliners?

Here is a list of singles by various recorded bands of the same name around the same time, almost certainly not related (but who knows?) :
  • Watusi Time/The Pogo - Viscount 101 (Pittsburgh, Pa.) -1962
  • Gotz/Spider - No-Nee 101 -
  • Thunder /Static - Reed (Alabama)
  • Kooknik / ? - Ultracon
Also a LP from a Minnesota band, in 1967 :
  • "Live At Papa Joe's A-Go-Go" - Lejac
Regardly Francis X. and the Bushmen, a modern punk band has exactly the same name. Obviously not the same band. That's all I can find.

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