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Big Star Records

Big Star 001
Bobo Jenkins
CP-4535 ~ You Will Never Under Stand
CP-4536 ~ Tell Me Where You Stayed Last Night

Big Star 002 [First Rite pressing]
Clarence Walton & Walton Brother Band
12151 - The Cat (2:30)
Walton Brother Band
12152 – Midnight (2:50)

Big Star 002 [Columbia pressing]
Clarence Walton & Walton Brother Band
ZTSC 96945 - The Cat (2:30)
Walton Brother Band
ZTSC ? – Midnight

Big Star 002 [Second Rite pressing]
Clarence Walton & Walton Brother Band
12999 ~ The Cat (2:55)
Walton Brother Band
13000 ~ Midnight (2:35)

Big Star 003
"Little Daddy" James Walton
13833 ~ Tell Me What You Got
13834 ~ Shade Grove

Big Star 004
Chuck Cole
16233 ~ My Bonney
16234 ~ Ha Baby

Big Star 005
Chubby Martin
? - t’s Not A Man’s World
? - ?

Big Star 006
Little Junior Canna
21177 ~ I've Got My Eyes On You
21178 ~ Don't Turn Your Love One

Big Star 007
Syl Foreman
21907 - Before I Leave You
21908 - These Precious Tears

Big Star 012
Robert Starks and the Geniuses
Space Traveling, Part 1/Part 2 -

LP BS 008-019 - The Life Of Bobo Jenkins
008 When I First Left Home
009 Realing And Rocking
010 Cold Hearted Blues
011 I Love That Woman
012 Solid Gold
013 You Will Never Understand

014 Trying To Get Yu Off My Mind
015 24 Years
016 I Sure Got To Leave Your Town
017 Have You Heard The News
018 Tell Me Who
019 I’m So Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always

Big Star 020
Robert Jr. Lockwood
Selfish Ways/Down Home Cookin’

Big Star 021
Bob Evans Jr
You Can’t Stop Me From Loving You (Part 1)/Part 2

LP BS 011-33 - Here I Am A Fool In Love Again
022 Playboy Blues - Bobo Jenkins
023 If You Were The Only Woman - Bobo Jenkins
024 Shake ‘Em Down - Bobo Jenkins
025 Scared To Call Her Name - Bobo Jenkins
026 Monkey Not For Sale -- Bobo Jenkins
027 Here I Am A Fool In Love Again - Bobo Jenkins

028 Somebody Been Talkin’ - Bobo Jenkins
029 Share Cropper Blues - Bobo Jenkins
030 Ten Below Zero - Bobo Jenkins
031 Baby Don’t You Want To Go - Bobo Jenkins
032 Nothing But Love - Bobo Jenkins
033 Watergate Blues - Bobo Jenkins

034 King Cain & Silvertone Band - Don’t Give A Damn/Off Beat
035 ?
037 ?
038 Ellen Jackson & Big Star Band - Getto Boogie/Hard Times

LP Big Star 1-50 - Detroit All Purpose Blues
039 Love That Woman – Bobo Jenkins
040 Heard The News ? - Bobo Jenkins
041 New 44 Blues- Bobo Jenkins
042 First Left Home- Bobo Jenkins
043 Nothing But Love- Bobo Jenkins
044 Walking With The Devil – Blind Child (Gerry Gaugham)

045 Door Lock Blues –Steel Wheels (Willie D. Warren)
046 Detroit Jump–Steel Wheels (Willie D. Warren)
047 How Can A Honkey Sing The Blues ? – Blind Child (Gerry Gaugham)
048 When A Fool Gets To Drinking – Blind Child (Gerry Gaugham)
049 My Baby Done Left Me –Buddy Folks
050 Baby What You Trying To Do ? –Buddy Folks

Big Star no release number
Big Roger Thomas
41383 - My Woman So Fine
41284 - Talk Is Cheap

Big Star unknown number
Mississippi Johnnie Norwood

? Jungo Itch/? -

Natural 001 - Subsidiary of Big Star Records
Fred E. Scott
39081 - ?
39082 – Journey Within

Above record found here :

From the Bobo Jenkins bio by Fred Reif :

Bobo (John Pickens) Jenkins (1916-1984) recorded for Chess and Boxer in Chicago and Fortune in Detroit before working in 1959 on his long-time dream - a recording studio. His first studio was built in a basement under his record shop at 5901 Fourteenth. It was located near a supermarket and everyday when the stockboy would throw the empty cartons out, Bobo was there. “I had to go out and hustle cardboard boxes to make this studio.” Bobo continues, “People used to think I was a junk man carrying all those boxes under my arm.”

Before coming to Detroit on September 1, 1944, Bobo spent sometime in the Army. After his discharge, he decided he didn’t want to live in the South anymore. It was either Detroit or Chicago, so he picked the Motor City. Shortly after his arrival, he found a job at the Packard Motor Car Company, for eighty-nine cents an hour. He worked there for four years, before they went out of business. He was also managing a garage, as he was an accomplished mechanic. Soon, he began working at Briggs Manufacturing Company, which eventually sold out to the Chrysler Corporation, where Bobo worked for the next twenty-six years.

Bobo said he got his rhythms from the machines on the assembly line :

“The whirrin’ of the machines gives me the beat. It’s like listening to a band play all day. Every song I ever wrote that’s any good, came to me on the assembly line.”

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