Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Faithful Four

The Faithful Four
Sings Old Country Baptising

Label : Harp (no release number)

Side One
Old Country Baptising
Only One Heartbeat
Prisoner Of Love
That Old Time Religion
My Lord Is Such A Wonderful Friend
Side Two
It’s Me Again Lord
I’m Almost Home
When I Cross Over
Give Up
I Know Jesus

Accompaning artists :
Mitchell Jackson – guitar
Carol Dotson – piano
Boody Burgess – bass

From left to right : Hassel, Barbara, Julia and Charles.

The Faithful Fur Quartet was formed in 1963. Hassel and Barbara, husband and wife, were originally from West Liberty, Kentucky. They have been in the Fairborn area fifteen years. Julia and Charles, wife and husband, came from Webster Springs, West Virginia,


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