Friday, March 13, 2009

Pete and Ron on Ark 303

Pete and Ron
Ark EP 303, Cincinnati, Ohio
11333 ~ Guide Me Every Day / Gospel Plough
11334 ~ End Of Time / Stop That Train
Rite Acct. #699 - Late 1963

Ark Records was Roy Shepard and Bill Lanham's (Sheplan Music BMI) very prolific Cincinnati, Ohio label featuring some great country, bluegrass and sacred music. Of their approximately 120 releases (all Rite pressings) only about 10-12 are still undocumented. Until recently, the record pictured above was one of the gaps in everyone's collection!

Photo credits to Al Turner.

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  1. Hello ..the above record was recorded by my Father who is still living and is here beside me watching me type to you..He is now almost 84 years of age and still plays his guitar and sings...He still has some of the original 45 records as pictured here plus the one with the green label. It was Pete ( my Father) on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Ron on the Banjo, Don on the Mandolin, and Albert on the Fiddle..I was in awe to see my Fathers record on the interner.