Monday, March 23, 2009

Herbie Koch on "Christmas Bells"

Herbie Koch at the Carillons
"Christmas Bells" - EP - 4 Christmas carols per side
CP-2729 ~ (see photos for titles)
CP-2730 ~ (see photos for titles)
Rite Acct # 226 - Christmas 1959
Liberty National Bank & Trust Co.
Louisville, Kentucky

A holiday gift from your local bank on one of the hottest pop culture formats of the day, the 45 rpm record! Apparently, these did not survive in large quantities as no one has reported it previously.

The major significance of this release is RITE's apparent duplicate matrix number error with another Kentucky release:

Although they share duplicate matrix numbers, they have different account numbers. Rite account number 226 on the Christmas Bells EP is correct for a newly assigned account number at that matrix number. The Royce release has account number 113 which was initiated much earlier and is used on all Royce releases.

Christmas Bells photos courtsey of Leonard Yates.

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  1. I've got only a few Royce 45's,there hard to come by,the last one i found was in bowling green.If i'm not mistaking Royce Morgan ran the label out of the old movie theatre in central city.