Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cleveland Robinson

Cleveland Robinson
Nosnibor 1003
12428 B St. Clair, Cleveland, Ohio
O-M 15453 - Boy
O-M 15454 – Woman In Motion

Another addition to the Cleveland Robinson's Nosnibor label discography. The same 1003 release number was used again, the following year, with "Woman In Motion" b/w "My Place In The World" (Capitol custom pressing).

And "Boy" - same or different version - can also be found on Nosnibor 1006, 1011 and 1012. But the1965 Rite pressing is the first release of this song.


Nosnibor is Robinson spelled backwards. Among the record labels named likewise :
  • Soma : Amos Heilicher
  • Nettus : Eddie Sutten
  • Noslen : Oliver Nelson
  • Munrab : H.B. Barnum
Additions to the list are welcome.

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