Thursday, March 12, 2009

Larry Brinkley - Westwood 506

10023 - Jackson Dog

10024 – Sundown Blues

From Jackson, Tennessee Larry Brinkley recorded locally for Jaxon (unissued cuts) and Charlie Roach's Westwood and for the Magic label inMemphis. See his discography in the Rockin' Country Style website.

When the rockabilly days were over, Larry teamed with Lee McAlpin (who played piano with Carl Perkins' band) and they wrote songs together, notably "The Man in the House", recorded by Loretta Lynn.

Here is a post-64 Larry Brinkley discography :

67 – Sun unissued : Big M - Mississippi Hollow - Sorry 'Bout That - Cry! Cry! Cry! (Billy Riley on harmonica)

68 - Holiday Inn 2210 : : Guitar Pickin' DJ / Every Turn I Make Turns Out Wrong

71 - Royal American 28 : Mean Motorscooter / You’re In A Heap Of Trouble



  1. Larry Brinkley and Lee McAlpin are still doing good.
    In 1968, they wrote together "You're Getting Ready To Hurt Me", edited by Knox Music, and recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis. Sam Phillips said "It's a good one" but for some unknow reason that recording never find its way on wax.
    Late 1962/erly 1963, Larry Brinkley started to play the Delta Club while The Stewart Brothers played at the Pine Ridge Club like Kenny Parchman did. Both club were in a half mile of each other and owned by Arthur and Robert Jarret, two brothers.
    Larry remembers seing there Billy Adams, who had himself records on Sun, and who was a good friend to Elvis. He had a 1962 Lincoln he got from Elvis, still had gold EP letters on the sides of the top.
    That little trivia came from Larry himself.

  2. The Westwood 205 label for "Move Over Rover" is pictured on the booklet of the fabulous Stomper Time Records CD STCD 22 "Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee". All the Stomper Time CDs produced by Dave Travis, from England, are essential for rock-a-billy and country bop fanatics.

  3. Thanks Camille Daddy for your input. It's really appreciated.

    Rockin' Country Style has since added the pictures of Westwood 205.

  4. Howdy Bob,

    Your right about our friends from Rockin' Country Style who bring us mind blowing pictures and an unbelieving data base. That record that mention Larry Brinkley and The Twisters is on the Larry's entry. Great!
    It's also showcased Larry's Magic 3004 single who feature two fabulous sides from 1964 borrowed to Piano Red/Carl Perkins "Right String but wrong Yo-Yo" and Carl "Forever Yours". It show how Carl definitively influenced all the Jackson (Tn) area performers and many more all around the world. That record label located in Middleton (Tn) was owned by Jimmy Darnell and Lee McAlpin. The first issue on that label (then identified as being located in Mmephis", numbered 3000, was by Betty Darnell and offers "Consolation Prize"/"This We Have In Common". A rare country pop waxing.
    All those infos came to you courtesy Ed and Loretta Doles from Country Cabin Records.