Thursday, February 5, 2009

Six Voices of Zion

Six Voices of Zion
Nu-Tone NU919771/2 - 1977

Bernie Brown Productions
Columbia, S.C.

38623 - I’ll Be There
38624 - I Want Jesus To Help Me Good

Black Gospel

The Six Voices of Zion was organized in 1958 by Jimmy Augusta, and in 1959 Andrew Evans joined the group as manager, and he continues to manage the rich and widely ranging voices today.

The Six Voices of Zion of Columbia, SC started their recording career in 1967 with a 45 that was released on both Pitch and Gusman. In the early seventies they recorded one 45 for HSE, before returning to Pitch/Gusman in 1973. They recorded another four 45s for Pitch, and two albums. One album was released on Gusman, the other one on Pitch.

A picture of the group can be found at the Just Moving On website

Last year (in 2008), the South Carolina House Of Representatives has adopted a Resolution to recognize and honor « the legendary gospel singers known as the Six Voices Of Zion. »

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